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January 1st, 2013 |

January First. Starting Fresh.

January is a time for rebirth. We all start fresh, anywhere from finance to food. This year, my site is starting fresh. Even the name is new. Sometimes change is due. The Plate Coach is taking the place of One Bite Better.

I help baseball players, patients and clients make connections and improvements with what they put on their plates. A coach educates and motivates. That’s my professional goal. The Plate Coach is a perfect fit.

One Bite Better is also meaningful to me. I believe that small but sustainable changes lead to lifestyle change. I’m always tasking my clients to find a way to ‘make it a little better’, not perfect. One Bite Better is now a section on my blog where guest bloggers & students will share their thoughts.

Are you doing anything to start fresh? I’d love to hear from you! Wishing you health & happiness in 2013.