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February 11th, 2013 |

Just Chill

I remember playing outside for hours during the winter months as a kid. This was in upstate NY, back when winter was really winter. Snow covered the ground all the time. We ran around for hours until our cheeks froze and our bellies cried for mugs of Swiss Miss with those tiny marshmallows.

Boston’s huge snowstorm reminded me of that youthful feeling. Exercising outside during the cold months is good for the metabolism but even better for the mind.

I love running outside on a crisp day for the connection with nature. I also love breezing by a gym window displaying a row of people on treadmills (they never smile). We’re doing the same workout but nothing compares to taking it outside. It gives me an extra push.

Bundle up & take your workout outside with these tips:

Start small and know your limits. Go for a shorter run/walk than your indoor version until you adjust to breathing outside. Windchill dropping to a negative number? Wait a day or two until the temperature makes more sense.

Watch your footing. Some roads and sidewalks are clearer than others. Walking or running on crunchy snow is often safer than slick snow-less black ice surfaces. If you feel yourself about to fall, avoid stiff limbs.

Dress smart. Wear layers and always cover your extremities. Invest in workout clothes that are moisture-wicking and wind-blocking.  Yes, you’ll pay more, but they’ll last longer and help you brave the elements. You may be surprised by how quickly the body heats up so avoid overdressing.

Be a kid. Build a snowman. Go ice skating. Take a walk through the woods with friends. Try something new, such as cross country skiing or snowboarding. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and take a long stroll.

Head for the hills. Support the local ski areas as they rebound from last year. Finish with that mug of Swiss Miss.