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July 10th, 2013 | 2 Comments

Review of the FitBit One

The FitBit One is a wearable fitness tracker that I’ve been using for about a month now and I love it. The FitBit One measures and tracks your daily calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, and even your sleep activity.

Reasons why I love the FitBit One:

  • The small and sleek design. The FitBit is tiny and comes in a nice silicone case that can be clipped to clothing like jeans, sneakers, or even a bra.
  • Long lasting charge. Even though the FitBit is worn all day long (and all night if tracking sleep) it only needs to be charged every week or two. It charges fast too (within a couple hours) via USB connection to your computer.
  • All you have to do is wear it. FitBit connects via Bluetooth and uploads your usage data automatically to your own FitBit dashboard. Your data can be accessed online, on your smartphone, or even fitness apps like MyFitnessPal.
  • Easy user interface. The FitBit dashboard produces straightforward charts and graphs to help you visualize patterns of your activity throughout the day and sleep throughout the night. You can also track food intake to compare energy in vs. energy out.
  • Competing against family and friends. My family has FitBit and we are all connected online, each week we see who is “winning”. This sparks the competitive side in almost anyone.
  • Way more than just a pedometer. I’ve never really thought twice about my sleep patterns but now I do. The FitBit One comes with a small soft wristband you can wear to bed. It measures the duration of your sleep, number of times you rustle, and how many times you were awakened. You can even program a silent alarm that gently vibrates to wake you up so your partner can stay sleeping.
  • FitBit motivates. Digital messages pop up every so often like “Move It” or “Rock on” to encourage you to keep active. Also, a small digital flower grows according to your activity level. Nice touch.

It appears that the developers of the FitBit have thought of it all. FitBit One is a smart, sophisticated, and powerful little gadget. I love learning about my own fitness level and challenging myself and family to move more. With many other personal fitness trackers on the market these days, like Nike Fuel Band and JawBone Up – I am perfectly happy with my FitBit.

By Liz Schneider

2 Responses

  1. Seni says:

    Still actively using it have foetogtrn it’s there most of the time now (I clip it onto my tshirt collar). I’ve got great detail on the dashboard that it creates for me, although I’ve entirely fallen off reporting anything else manually (weight, food intake, etc). Mostly I’m struggling with changing my habits now to get more activity into my schedule to change those graphs.

  2. theplatecoach says:

    Hi Seni! Great job in using your FitBit and analyzing your activity. I agree, the graphs on the dashboard are detailed and for me they are eye-opening. It seems that you have come to a crossroad where you know your current activity and realize the need to become more active – just need to fit it all into your daily schedule. You are not alone, my friend. Time is a huge barrier for many of us. My tip is to write down a goal (ex: how many steps you want to achieve next week). By writing it down, the goal becomes important. Then post it up on your wall or fridge, this will serve as a reminder or trigger. Make the goal specific including time and place. You can use FitBit dashboard to write your goals down as well. Good luck and congrats on taking steps towards health. -Liz