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January 20th, 2013 | 1 Comment

Rusty Resolutions?

Have your shiny new 2013 resolutions lost some luster? Letting your resolution muscle lose some strength by mid-January is as predictable as the Patriots in the playoffs. It happens. Here’s how to get on with it.

Revise. Most resolutions are too lofty and create “false-hope syndrome”.Try again. Set resolutions that are specific, measurable and do-able within a certain time frame.

  • I’ll include a piece of fruit with my lunch 5 days/week for both January and February.

Keep it positive. Avoid “don’t”. Telling yourself not to do something (don’t eat junk food) doesn’t work well. Keep it positive. Focus on what you can and will do.

  • I’ll keep fresh fruit in my favorite bowl on the kitchen table everyday in February.

Build in a backup plan. Life creeps in. Have implementation intentions. Spell out what you’ll do if you meet a barrier. Continue on despite the setback.

  • If I don’t have any fresh fruit in the house, I’ll walk to 7-Eleven down the street and pick up a few bananas until I can get to the grocery store and stock up on a variety of fruit.

Ignore distractions. Focus elsewhere. Drive home by a decadent bakery every night? Pick a different route. Cake and cookies always around at the office? Bring your own healthy snacks to have on hand when hunger strikes.

  • I’ll have a cup of herbal tea & fruit or a thumb-sized piece of >70% dark chocolate after dinner when I want to reach for ice cream. The ice cream will stay in the freezer unless I have company over for an after dinner treat.

Remain calm. Carry on. Did you slip? Don’t throw your hands up the air. Recalibrate by making your next meal healthy. Get back on track. Failure is part of the process. Embrace it.

  • I just ate the bag of greasy chips. I’ll recalibrate by making my next meal extra healthy by adding 2 vegetables and skipping the bread. I’ll also go for a 10 minute walk after dinner.

Be accountable. Keeping track helps. It doesn’t matter where or how but measuring your goals helps you stay the course. A handwritten old-school grocery list or a fancy Nike FuelBand with a Facebook community link? It doesn’t matter, pick what suits you.

  • My FuelBand says I’m shy of my Fuel points goal by 1000. Tomorrow I’ll walk to work instead of taking the train.
  • My nephews encourage me to do my 10 daily push-ups. I create a mental picture of them coaching me when I’m lazy.

One Response

  1. theplatecoach says:

    Small amounts of exercise and smaller bags of chips are a powerful combo. Keep up the great work James!
    Best, Tara