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January 27th, 2014 |

Stay on Trend in 2014: Five Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

Check out the 5 popular foods of 2014 that will add something extra to your food repertoire while keeping it healthful and delicious.


Move over coffee, tea (in a hot or cold preparation) is front and center this year. In 2014, tea bars are opening that exclusively serve tea. But don’t limit yourself to just a tea beverage. Tea can be added to many dishes—try it on proteins—for an herbaceous flavoring similar to traditional seasonings. Along with its great taste and many varieties, tea is an excellent source of polyphenols: a type of antioxidant associated with lowering your risk for multiple chronic diseases. So toast the New Year with a delectable, hot cup of tea.


Roasted asparagus is a thing of the past; this year asparagus ribbons are in. Asparagus ribbons are the new base to the traditional leafy green salad. With a knife or mandolin, asparagus can be thinly sliced lengthwise to make ribbons. If high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems are a concern, the potassium in asparagus should help to reduce your risk. Try asparagus in its new or old form—it will always be delicious.


Turns out the old wives tale of carrots improving eyesight wasn’t entirely false: carrots contain beta-carotene, which is a major contributor to vision. Along with providing beta-carotene (the plant-based form of vitamin A), carrots provide an extra flavor to dishes this year. You may think of carrots as your favorite midday snack—excellent choice by the way—but now they are being included into the savory main dish. A roasted root vegetable dish is incomplete without the slight sweetness of carrots. It is no longer your basic peas and carrots as a side, try carrots in a new dish this year.


Grapefruit is much more than just a sweet addition to your breakfast. Expect to see grapefruit and other citrus fruits in entrees, desserts, and preserves—just about everywhere—this year. It is a particularly nice addition to greens based salads, too. In fact, the acidity of the grapefruit helps to take away the harshness of bitter greens, such as kale. Besides being delicious, grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C: a well-known treatment for reducing the length of your cold. In 2014, enjoy the sweet vitamin C filled treat of grapefruit.


For those with gluten allergies and intolerances, (have no fear) buckwheat is the grain of the year. Along with being tolerable for those who can’t eat wheat, buckwheat is an excellent source of D-fagomine. D-fagomine lowers blood sugar spikes after eating: a beneficial effect for anyone struggling with blood sugar maintenance. If you are missing out on your favorite wheat products, swap the ingredient of all-purpose flour with buckwheat flour. For appetizers, try buckwheat blinis with the healthy topping of your choice.


By Stephanie Snell, Guest Blogger, Master’s Candidate at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy