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July 8th, 2013 | 1 Comment

The Forced Disconnect

As I write this, I have nothing.

No cell phone reception, no Internet access, no running water, no indoor bathroom and no sink to wash my hands.

I’ll have to post this when I return to civilization in a few days. The Internet will be waiting for me.

Stripped of ‘excess’, I feel like the happiest woman on earth. I love coming to our lakeside family cabin deep in the Adirondack Mountains where less is much more. We talk, we read, we play board games (yes, they still exist), we swim and we makeĀ  s’mores under a pitch black sky sparkling from stars that appear within our reach. I take long runs without navigation, hoping to get lost on a quiet dirt back road dotting the lake. I sleep long hours to the sound of rain dancing gracefully or angrily on our tin roof. My tense shoulders evaporate.

Sometimes it feels really damn good to disconnect. It’s the only way to connect.

By Tara