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August 4th, 2013 |

On Dedication

My friend, Lauren, instilled in me many of life’s lessons. One lesson that resonates most is to remain dedicated to a task – even when all seems lost. Lauren epitomized this; while going through three years of treatment for stage 4 colon cancer she ran, did yoga, lifted weights or swam almost every day. I’ll never forget her pushing the women swimmers on training trip to do 10 push-ups while she managed two for every one they could muster.

I often think of Lauren and what she taught me. Perhaps most recently was while getting into a bike accident during an Olympic distance triathlon three weeks ago. It was a hot day. There was a water stop during the bike. And, I needed it. So, I slowed down to grab a bottle. But, I ran into the guy ahead of me. Next thing I knew, the left side of my body slammed on the asphalt and my bike was being dragged, attached to his rear wheel. I got up and assessed the damage- road rash and a bruised tailbone.

I didn’t feel like anything was broken or pulled so I got back on my bike. I was in pain; I channeled Lauren. What would she do? Lauren would kick it into high gear and make up time lost. So, I did. I finished the race and ended up with a personal best time.

I could have easily stopped after the crash, accepted defeat and limped home. But, I realized persisting despite the accident would make me a stronger triathlete and person. Now, when I start World Championships in London this September I can say I’ve prevailed through pain and raced hard despite it. And, no matter the outcome, I can say I’ve laid everything on the line even when my dedication was tested.

Dedication. To me, it means getting up before 5 am to train while going through an intense, 11-month dietetic internship. It means staying committed to my goals despite the possibility of failure, physical and mental pain and sometimes, even embarrassment crashing in front of the only spectator section at a triathlon. It means asking others for support when I need it. It means even if I “fail” I know I’ll gain more than I expected.

If you’re aiming for a goal like losing weight, getting a job, running your first marathon or making it big in the music industry dedicate yourself to it. Commit. Take risks (calculated ones, that is). Be accountable. Roll with setbacks and view them positively. Don’t expect perfection. If you never try, you will never know what you could achieve. The pay off is always worth it. And, remember that people, like Lauren, are cheering you on even if they aren’t here.

What does dedication mean to you?

By Kate Sweeney, guest blogger and soon-to-be registered dietitian.


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June 12th, 2013 |

A few things I learned in nutrition school

Everything in moderation.

It is true what they say, too much of a good thing may actually do harm. I’ve found that more than anything, moderation is key for good nutrition. A great tip? Try and consume more plants than anything else, they are high in fiber and lower in calories. Balance the rest with lean protein and whole grains – and stay fit with activities you enjoy. Be mindful when eating and respect food. You are what you eat.

Energy in, energy out.

The food put in the body should be equal to the energy that is expended out of the body. The outcome? No weight gain and no weight loss. Sounds simple right?

Nutrition is more than a science.

The complexity of nutrition is mindboggling. On a molecular level, there are pathways, chemicals, and hormones, all playing a role in how we process nutrients. On the other hand, there are varying levels of social, economic, and cultural status that place individuals in different spectrums of the nutrition scale of life. Oh and there’s that pesky genetic factor too…

The world of nutrition is dynamic.

Ask any nutrition student how hard it is to become a dietitian – and you’ll discover it’s pretty darn competitive. The nutrition field is growing – and that’s a good thing. You read about it every week in the media. From the argument over organics, trans fat, vitamin D, and omega 3’s – to childhood obesity, food marketing, and the farm bill – nutrition has a political side too, a rather large one in fact. But that’s for another post.

Nutrition is a journey, with no end in sight. Embark with me, learn, and empower yourself with the knowledge to be healthy, eat nutritiously, and live happy.

By: Liz Schneider

June 7th, 2013 |

Go For It.

My name is Liz Schneider, and I’m a guest blogger for The Plate Coach. I’m married, I live in a Boston suburb, and I love to write. I eat anything and everything – but always in moderation. I was a gymnast growing up and now I have fun trying new activities to stay fit. My qualifications include a master’s degree in nutrition and a completed dietetic internship.

How I got here:

Not too long ago I found myself sitting in a conference room among fellow interns intently listening to Tara – a guest speaker for our class. She was cool, collected, and generously shared her journey with us. It was inspiring, it was real, and it hit home for me. I found that I shared similar views with Tara and knew I just had to meet her, get to know her, work with her. So I went for it. I joined Tara’s blog, The Plate Coach because I always work best with people whom I admire. And I think that’s a great life lesson – to go with your gut and surround yourself with people who inspire you.

I hope to provide interesting and informative posts about nutrition, health, and wellness. My views on the nutrition are inline with The Plate Coach’s belief that ‘good for you should taste good, too.’ I want to explore the world of nutrition, a world I love, on a deeper level and use this opportunity as an outlet to express what’s on the mind of a brand new dietitian.

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February 14th, 2013 |

OneBiteBetter Guest Blog: Meet Tavierney, BU Nutrition Grad Student

Hello Everybody!!

My name is Tavierney Rogan. I am a second year Masters of Nutrition student at Boston University. I am completing my Master’s and Dietetic Internship with BU so that I can become a Registered Dietitian. This semester I have the privilege of completing my practicum with Tara at the Lown Cardiovascular Center. (more…)

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