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June 19th, 2013 |

Wedding season is here.

Are you prepared to make an entrance? Whether it’s a graduation, reunion, or wedding celebration – there’s always something happening during the summer – and with all that partying comes the challenge of looking your best. Many people use desperate measures to look good. But what if I told you that focusing on how you feel is really what’s most important. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel healthy, fit, and confident for the big day? Here are some tips on how to make positive changes so you can feel your best for summer’s occasions.

5 healthy changes to try now:

  • Quit a bad habit. Overcome your tendency toward a bad habit by making daily goals. If you have failed at changing your behavior in the past, investigate why and learn from your mistakes.
  • Take up a healthy habit. Do something that inspires you. You’ll be happy to have a genuine response to the inevitable party question, “What have you been up to?”
  • Make healthy eating choices. Start in the grocery store where you hold all the power. Focus your shopping around the perimeter of the store where you’ll find whole foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs.
  • Sleep better. Try going to bed earlier and waking up with the sunrise. Summer mornings are incredible for contemplating, exercising, and getting things done.
  • Develop an exercise routine. Don’t bother with an activity you hate doing – find something that’s fun, you’re more likely to stick with it. Buddy up with a friend and keep each other going.

Not ready to change? No problem. Change is hard and achievable only when you are motivated. Afraid of failure? Prove yourself wrong. The best way to achieve something you do not think you can do is to reach out to people who have already accomplished that thing. It’s pretty easy to find experts in almost any area of your choosing.

Go forth and find inner peace in the things you can change to feel great, let go, and have fun at this summer’s festivities.

By Liz Schneider

February 22nd, 2013 |

Embrace the Freak Out

I just received a panicked email from a great friend and client, preparing for his first half marathon. I’ll share his email below and offer my response.

Whether the freak out is for a sporting event or a life event, inviting those crazy thoughts of doubt to occupy some valuable space may prove beneficial.

Dear Tara,
Please tell me everything’s going to be OK.  I feel unbelievably
nervous about the race this weekend, and I’m just freaking out!

Did I prepare enough?  What if I run tonight?  Will I finish?

I know I shouldn’t let these concerns overwhelm me.  But, I feel the
way I feel; I can’t help it.

Thanks for any words of wisdom you can share.


My response:

Dear R,
Go ahead, embrace the freak out. This is new territory for you so it is totally normal to feel completely out of sorts. If you weren’t feeling this way, it would be concerning.

Ok, now on to some thoughts:

  • Believe. Yes, you are ready. You’ve prepared smartly & methodically. You put in the work. It’s time.
  • Affirm. Race-day nerves (and pre-race week nerves) are part of the journey. Remind yourself that you’re ready. Daily verbal affirmations are your best friend this week. Say them out loud.
  • Organize. Have a plan for race day. Know when you’ll wake up and when and where you’ll have breakfast. Know what socks you’ll wear. Set a back up alarm. Bring your favorite peanut butter brand along with you. Drive by the race start the day before and scout out the parking situation. Being organized can help settle your nerves.
  • Visualize. Pretend that this another training run but in a fresh location. Familiarize yourself with the out-of-town course from the website or reviews.
  • Distract. During the race, distract yourself by counting ‘stuff’. I count running skirts during fall and summer races. Maybe you can count running tights that aren’t black or the number of people that have the same running shoes as you. Or, count the number of people you pass. You’ll be surprised how it will help the miles tick away.
  • Savor. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Crossing the finish line will last forever in your mind.

Let me know your thoughts. Use this freak out to your advantage. When it doubt, take the deepest possible breath. You’ll be just fine.

Have fun!

What strategies and tips work for you during times of freak out? Please share.

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