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‘Tis the season for spiced nuts. This walnut recipe is so festive and will fill your home with a spicy and sweet scent, better than any candle! Walnuts make this recipe healthy because they contain omega 3 fatty acids, good for the body and the brain.
Skip the carb-heavy flour tortilla and choose a dark leafy green instead! You don’t need to be a dietitian to know that green leafy vegetables are the gold standard when it comes to healthy eating. Collard greens are a great to try if you haven’t already.
With a perfectly balanced proportion of protein, carbs, and fat - a bowl of chili will surely satisfy the bellies of herbivores and carnivores alike.
This delectable dish is made using sweet marmalade and savory caramelized onions and carrots. The lean protein from the chicken along with whole grain bulgur make it a balanced, wholesome meal that will fill you up and keep you satisfied.
Warm and hearty, this dish beckons empty bellies on crisp chilly nights. Packed with healthy whole grains, fiber, and healthy vitamins and minerals - barley takes this risotto up a notch.
Who can resist a delectable quiche stuffed with tons of colorful veggies, gooey cheese, and a buttery crust. With a hefty dose of protein and fiber, this meal will keep you energetic and feeling great.
Skulls (or calavera) originates from Mexico. Day of the dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday held in early November. They’re a beautiful inspiration for this fun dessert idea.
Cranberries are packed with dozens of different antioxidants. The natural mix of antioxidants found in cranberries and other foods is what matters, not the high doses of single ones found in supplements.
This delicious winter salad combines all kinds of flavors and textures: crunchy, juicy, earthy, nutty and toasty.
There’s nothing like a healthy and hearty soup when the weather starts turning cold. I love the texture that lentils lend to soup.
This perky orange and green salad is drizzled with a tangy and a little spicy dressing. It's so quick and easy, yet good, that it great for a weeknight dinner or a company meal.
Quite simply, edamame is possibly nature's ideal food. Edamame, also known as young soybeans, is a complete protein.
Beans are an inexpensive and easy-to-use source of protein that can be very versatile.
Tempeh is great to cook with. It absorbs other flavors quickly, has a mild, nutty flavor, and is easy to digest.
Fattoush salad is a great mix of fresh vegetables, a bright dressing, and pieces of crisp pita bread.
Grilling and roasting fruit develops caramel flavors. Adding a small amount of intensely flavored, hard cheese like ricotta and a bit of sea salt heightens these caramel flavors, making a fresh fruit salad seem like a decadent dessert.
Dips are an easy addition to reunion spreads but they can get tired and repetitive – until now. This stunning beet dip will liven things up with its subtle Mediterranean flavors, creamy texture (thanks to the yogurt ) and beautiful, bold color.
This pumpkin and corn chowder is one great fall soup! The pumpkin puts a new spin on an old classic recipe. What’s more, this pumpkin chowder is dairy-free.
Versatile cauliflower makes this flourless pizza is a great option whether you’re watching your carbs or not. The cauliflower crust is packed with phytonutrients and fiber to keep you full longer.
Heart-healthy omega-3 rich salmon dressed in a sweet and savory glaze. This simple dish pairs well with spinach over a bed of couscous and a lemon wedge or two.
Plant-protein superstars edamame and quinoa make this simple cold salad a quick yet satisfying meal or snack.
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