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Avocado and Clementine Salad with Jalapeno Vinaigrette
This perky orange and green salad is drizzled with a tangy and a little spicy dressing. It's so quick and easy, yet good, that it great for a weeknight dinner or a company meal.
Lentil Soup
There’s nothing like a healthy and hearty soup when the weather starts turning cold. I love the texture that lentils lend to soup.
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From the mouths of the well fed
No judgement, no counting, no weighing or measuring and I still lost weight. I’m hooked! Tara’s style makes sense with my crazy schedule. Nutrition and calories are not my job. I realize I have to think about my choices but I don’t need to obsess to get results. I have a much better relationship with food now.
T.J., Boston, MA
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