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Homemade Vegetable Quiche
Who can resist a delectable quiche stuffed with tons of colorful veggies, gooey cheese, and a buttery crust. With a hefty dose of protein and fiber, this meal will keep you energetic and feeling great.
Spiced Walnuts
‘Tis the season for spiced nuts. This walnut recipe is so festive and will fill your home with a spicy and sweet scent, better than any candle! Walnuts make this recipe healthy because they contain omega 3 fatty acids, good for the body and the brain.
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From the mouths of the well fed
Tara is great! She has a gentle, incremental approach that makes reaching your health goals realistic and fun. She is enthusiastic, sincere, and supportive–truly in a different league than any other nutritionist I've been to.
R.D., Cambridge, MA
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